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Planning & Construction Updates and Photos


August 2018

  • Permit review comments have been received.
  • Master Use Permit process completed with no appeals received.
  • Performed 65% Construction Design drawing and budget reviews.
  • Coordination with Landmarks Preservation Board to allow replacement of historic windows began
  • The design team reviewed window mock ups.
  • Existing conditions were verified including determining wall types and verifying hazardous materials locations.

June 2018

  • Received the final departure report issued by the City of Seattle on June 13
  • Submitted the 60% construction documents for permitting on June 26 as scheduled  
  • Facilities department obtaining permits for pruning the street trees as required by City of Seattle arborists

April 2018

  • Held second Departures meeting on April 30 
  • Performed more investigation on existing wall types 
  • Met with Landmarks ARC (Architectural Review Committee) on April 27 to review gymnasium design elements 
  • Continued window condition survey for 1930s building 
  • Began surveying building for hazardous materials 
  • Continued work on construction documents

March 2018

  • Nordic Heritage Museum relocated to their new location 
  • Toured building to see existing conditions 
  • Design Development approval letter sent to Architect to start construction documents

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