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Planning & Construction Updates and Photos

March 2018

  • Completed final SEPA checklist 
  • Received all sub-bids for construction 
  • Continued building permit review cycles with the City

August 2017

  • In August, the Ingraham project team issued the design development package.
  • Design development documents were reviewed internally.
  • Design development construction cost estimates were issued, and the cost estimates were reviewed and reconciled.
  • Team members presented historic landmarks nomination history and facts to Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board (LPB).
  • The LPB decision was to formally nominate Ingraham High School buildings and site for landmark status.
  • The final draft of the SEPA Checklist was completed and underwent internal review.  

June 2017

  • The design development phase continued.
  • User group reviews were held for 50% design development.
  • Investigative work was undertaken to determine the scope of seismic work needed.
  • The landmarks nomination was re-submitted to the City of Seattle. 

May 2017

  • Commenced Design Development phase.
  • Conducted investigative work to inform seismic scope.

April 2017

  • Presented schematic design to BEX Oversight Committee.
  • Conducted schematic design user group reviews.
  • Completed schematic design cost estimate reconciliation.

March 2017

  • Completed schematic design for review.
  • Completed general contractor/construction manager(GC/CM) selection.
  • Seattle School Board approved engagement of the GC/CM.

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