E.C. Hughes Elementary

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E.C. Hughes Elementary

7700 34th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98126


The E.C. Hughes building, located on approximately 3.7 acres, was originally constructed in 1926 with a three-story classroom addition completed in 1949. Prior to this project, the school was leased to Westside School 10 years. This project will modernize the three-story 47,307 square-feet main building and adjacent portable classrooms to bring the building back into service for use as an SPS elementary school. The upgrades are designed to accommodate the program needs of Roxhill Elementary School or similar populations.

Project Description

The remodel of E.C. Hughes consists of a complete remodel of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and minor architectural alterations.

The mechanical scope includes replacement of the central plant, all air handling units and all duct work. The plumbing scope includes complete replacement of all existing plumbing lines within the building and installing new fixtures throughout. The fire protection scope includes reconfiguring the existing system to put sprinkler lines above ceiling height. The electrical scope includes all new wiring, new lighting throughout, and new data and power to meet district technical standards and current codes.The architectural alterations include new windows on the south wall of the 1949 building, new exterior insulation in the 1949 and 1926 buildings, new finishes throughout, a teaching wall in each classroom, remodel of the 1926 building’s first floor to include a new student restroom, and reconfigured administration space and specialists’ offices.

Construction start: Spring 2017

Planned construction complete: Summer 2018

Estimated addition opening: Fall 2019

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