BTA III Overview and Highlights

In February 2010, the $270M, six-year capital levy, Buildings, Technology and Academics III (BTA III), garnered support from 73.45 percent of those voting in the levy election. It was a renewal of the Buildings, Technology and Athletics (BTA II) levy, passed by voters in February 2004.

The BTA III capital levy provides funds for projects that will benefit every school in the district and help ensure a safe, secure learning environment for every student. Repairs and upgrades will be made to roofs, life safety and mechanical systems; to science and computer facilities; and to technology systems and equipment that support teaching and learning. Several projects will improve energy efficiency.

The levy also provides funds to make the necessary repairs to open five buildings to meet growing student enrollment and support the new attendance-area based student assignment plan.

Please click the links below for more information about the levy.

BTA III levy brochure: This levy information brochure describes the projects included in the BTA III levy, organized by buildings, technology and academics.

BTA III Planning: BTA III is a part of the school district’s long-range plan to upgrade and renovate aging school facilities on a planned and predictable timetable. BTA is one of two Seattle Public Schools capital programs. The other, Building Excellence (BEX), is on an alternating six-year schedule so that voters are asked to approve one capital levy ever three years.