Ingraham High School Addition

1819 N. 135thStreet, Seattle


Ingraham High School is located at the north end of Seattle on a site area of 28.17 acres. The existing main school building and adjacent 200-classroom building were both built in 1959. To date, the school building has had various remodeling projects completed, with the last major project being a classroom addition in 2011.

Project Description

This project constructs a new, two-story classroom addition of approximately 45,000 square feet adjacent to the existing building 100. It will accommodate up to 500 students. The project also includes selective modernization or remodeling of portions of building 100, earthquake safety improvements to buildings 100 and 300, and replacing the roof on building 100 and part of the gymnasium. Sustainability and green initiatives will be included. On-site and off-site utilities and limited site development work will also be done.

Estimated construction start: Spring 2018

Planned construction complete: Summer 2019

Addition open to students: Fall 2019


Eric Becker, Senior Project Manager

d:  206.252.0697 | e:

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