Thanks to Seattle voters, previous BTA levies were approved in 2010, 2004 and 1998. BTA capital levies alternate with Building Excellence (BEX) capital levies on a three-year cycle. Please visit the BEX website to learn more about the BEX capital projects.


Planning is underway for the Buildings, Technology and Academics/Athletics IV (BTA IV) capital levy that will go before voters in Feb. 2016. It will be on the ballot with the 2016 Operations Levy.

The six-year Buildings, Technology and Academics/Athletics IV (BTA IV) capital levy replaces the BTA III capital levy approved by Seattle voters in 2010. BTA and will provide funds for upgrades and renovations of our aging school facilities on a planned and predictable timeline to help ensure a safe, secure teaching and learning environment.

Five community meetings on the February 2016 Operations Levy and BTA IV Capital Levy scheduled for September. More BTA IV News

We want your input!

You can submit nominations for possible BTA IV projects throughout the summer. We will collect, record, consider and share your nomination with the Seattle School Board.

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By Mail: Levies 2016
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By phone: Tom Redman, Capital Communications at 206-252-0655.

Recent Documents

Levies 2016 Board Work Session presentation of Feb. 25, 2015

Levies 2016 Operations Levy and Buildings, Technology and Academics/Athletics IV (BTA IV) Frequently Asked Questions

BTA III (2010-2015)

Seattle Public Schools receives capital levy funds for BTA III from 2011 through 2016. Projects may continue after the levy expires due to scheduling, but no further funds are collected.

Overview & Highlights

Projects Coming Up for Bid


Following is a list of schools and facilities that have received improvements or upgrades in BTA III. To find out more, click on the school name.

2015 Projects

2011-2014 Projects

Previous BTA Levies

Seattle voters have generously approved Buildings, Technology and Academics/Athletics capital levies three times since 1998.

BTA II (2004-2012)

Approved by Seattle voters in 2004, BTA II projects began in 2005.

Overview & Projects

BTA I (1998-2004)

Approved by Seattle voters in 1998, BTA I projects began in 1998.

Overview & Projects